From left: Rotary Porirua members Glynis Denz, President Kathryn Beattie with Liz Sneyd and member June Campbell-Tong
Virtuoso Strings is a phenomenon.  What is Virtuoso Strings?  Actually, it's Who?  Virtuose Strings is a group of students who live in the Porirua area, from low decile schools, low income families, meeting every Tuesday night, 6pm sharp at Porirua College Hall, to play the violin and cello.
As of today there is a waiting list as the group grows bigger and bigger.  From humble beginnings five years ago Liz Sneyd and her husband invested their own money to purchase instruments, then visited the local schools to encourage the children to get on board with them and create a magnificant group of talented instrumentalists.  Today, that group recently performed and accompanied the world renowned musical trio, Sol3 Mio in Porirua.  Liz has opened these children up to a world of possibilities including, the countless concerts they have now participated in, the many trips out of Porirua they have done...some of these children have never even been out of Porirua.  There have been thousands of hours of practice and time spent on preparations for exams as some of these children have grown and have progressed onto music lessons to further their goals and ambitions of perhaps one day playing in a renowned symphony orchestra.  For the moment their next goal is to fundraise for a week long performance tour of the South Island where Liz will be accompanied by 70-80 talented students.  Congradulations Liz, Rotary Porirua raised $400 for Virtuoso Strings after fundraising at the Sol3 Mio concert in Porirua.