Terry & Margaret Alve from St Anne's Anglican church in Ranui came and spoke to us about the Food pantry as our Rotary Club donated $1,000 worth of groceries in July, this gift provided 50 Family2Family food bags which helped feed the equivalent of 75 people including 35 children over a 5-7 day period!  Terry is the Pastor and Margaret and Sofia began coordinating the pantry this year.  However, the pantry started in 1989 by Jean Stratford.  Food is gathered, packaged and delivered to families in need across our community, they are the only food pantry to deliver to the front door whereas others you need to collect which can be problematic when needing to get food home on public transport potentially.   The demand has been very high this year with over 679 food bags delivered with 270 over the April/May period during the COVID19 lock down, the demand has remained high after this period.  Many of us don't know what it feels like being hungry and this is the reality of some people living in our City so next time you are out shopping and you see an area to drop food off, please do so as it's very much needed.  Terry presented our club with an appreciation certificate, it's really people like them that need a huge thanks from us given this work is voluntary and they do it with such passion to ensure families can have a decent meal over a period of time.