Establishment of the Cannons Creek Citizens Advice Bureau

The establishment of the  new  Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) outreach satellite in partnership with Porirua Rotary, brings much needed information service to an area of Porirua which is high in deprivation and families with low incomes.   
The communities are mostly Maori, Pasifika and Cook Islands families, and many of the families are unable to access information from the CAB office located in the Porirua CBD.
because of the cost and lack of computers, devices, or language barriers. The access to information is further exacerbated because they may not own cars, and the cost of public transport is also a significant barrier for them.
In the COVID-19 pandemic world, the Citizens Advice Bureau has experienced an overwhelming increase in the demand for their services.  During the first wave of the lockdown Rotary Porirua was approached and  identified the need to support CAB with the establishment of this new satellite service which brings much needed information to the local community.
These communities require one-one in person contact which the CAB provides as this service is either difficult for them to access or no longer available from many government departments.
Due to this lack of information, families find themselves being left behind, often frustrated and unable to fully participate in society. Families often need assistance to  access information, support to locate the appropriate government forms as well as help to complete the appropriate forms and to understand the what and why of information requests from the departments on many occasions . 
CAB also provides the time and space that people need to work through problems and gain the knowledge and confidence to find a way through what they are encountering.
CAB’s objective is to prevent people from being disadvantaged through ignorance of their rights and obligations.  The satellite office in Porirua East helps to bridge the gap and provide the support for the local community.   CAB services are provided by volunteers who are trained in the programmes and continue to have ongoing training and professional development.
Much of the CAB service is for people in dire need of assistance with issues around food, housing, debt and income, family breakdowns, employment problems and immigration. The demand for the CAB service in Porirua East post COVID -19 is expected to increase due to job losses, poverty, and insecurity.
Other services provided by CAB include information sessions for new migrants and refugees.  They also host clinics for JPs, budget advisers and benefit advocates, and are the agent for St Anne’s Food Bank.
The Porirua Union and Community Health Service have provided rent-free accommodation for these offices. They believe their patients, many of whom are new migrants and refugees, would benefit from having easy access to the advice and support that CAB services.
According to CAB, the satellite service will build the capacity of the community by making information accessible for economic growth, entrepreneurial skills, community networking, creating work opportunities and developing communities who may experience poverty.
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Clean-up of the Waitangirua markets in February

Each Saturday for the month of February, the Porirua Rotary Club has been doing the clean-up of the Waitangirua market around midday.  Friends and whanau were encouraged to join the Rotary members to help clean up after the stallholders leave to keep our environment safe and the parking tidy.  The Saturday market is managed by the Titahi Bay Lions.
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Winter Food Collection in Whitby

Thank you to the residents of Whitby for supporting the Winter food Collection for distribution to families by St Annes Food Pantry.
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End Polio - Lunch at the Whitby Taj

Porirua Rotary hosted a fundraiser lunch at the Whitby Taj restaurant on Sunday, 18 October. 
District Polio Chair, Chris Tchernegovski shared the latest polio stats and the plan to eradicate the polio virus.   
President of Porirua Rotary, June Murugan  also talked about the dedication and commitment of Rotarians in the Club and across the globe in the fight to eradicate Polio.  Rotarians have been leaders in supporting this 'End Polio' drive for many years and they want to finish this job which is the promise they made to the children of the world. 
Two of the club members, Glynis Denz and her late husband, Fred have been to India for the vaccination campaign, she said.  A placemat was made to honour these members and guests were given a copy as takeaways. 
More than 40 guests enjoyed a delicious curry lunch prepared by Rotary member, Gurpreet Kaur and her Team. 
All funds raised will be matched equally by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Thank you to all those who supported this worthy cause.
Lessons learnt from India and Africa where it's now declared wild polio virus free is being applied to Afghanistan and Pakistan.
World Polio Day is on Friday, 24 October and the District has organised a 'Ride the train' event from Palmerston North to Wellington.  Look out for Rotary members wearing red shirts on the train and donate your cash in the buckets they will carry. 
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Porirua Rotary Club has partnered with the NZ Police Services, Titahi Bay Lions, One Agency and Fire Brigade to collect non-perishable food items in the Aotea suburb on Wednesday, 28 November.  
The Club received tremendous support last year, and the members decided to go back to the Aotea community to support the food collection 
again this year.  The Aotea Ratepayers Association are also getting behind this worthy cause. Volunteers will meet at Horouta Marae and walk through the various streets in the suburb to collect your donations.  Look out for the Fire engine, the Salvation Band and the many other community members. You may want to leave the items in a box outside your door if your not home.  You are all welcome to join in the Food collection drive.
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Diwali fundraiser for End Polio campaign

The Rotary Club hosts Diwali fundraiser dinner to raise funds for the Rotary International's End Polio campaign.  The event was held at the Plimmerton Taj on Diwali evening. Friends from our community and members of the Club enjoyed a buffet curry dinner, bingo game and prize giveaways. 
All funds raised on the night for Rotary's international 'End Polio' campaign was presented to the District Co-ordinator for the End Polio campaign. 
The evening was also attended by Mayor Anita Baker, and President Steve Haddock thanked the community members and the Club for supporting the 'End Polio' fundraiser. 'We are proud to be contributing towards the purchase of the vaccine', he said. 
The lights and the colourful sarees worn by attendees made it an enjoyable evening.  Mayor Anita Baker said that she was happy to support the Porirua Rotary to plan this year's event.
It was great having friends join and support this worthy cause:
If you want to be part of this event again and enjoy the experience of Diwali celebrations and also supporting the End Polio initiative please contact us.
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Stringing their way to the top

From left: Rotary Porirua members Glynis Denz, President Kathryn Beattie with Liz Sneyd and member June Campbell-Tong
Virtuoso Strings is a phenomenon.  What is Virtuoso Strings?  Actually, it's Who?  Virtuoso Strings is a group of students who live in the Porirua area from low decile schools, low income families who meet every Tuesday night, 6pm sharp at Porirua College Hall, to play the violin and cello.
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From Canada and Karori

Rotary Porirua had two spontaneous visitors last Wednesday night.  Rotarian, David Close from Rotary Moncton Mountain West and Riverview in Canada, and Annie Dunlop from Lions Karori.  David was here visiting family in Porirua so popped in to join our meeting and enjoy dinner with us. Annie wanted to come listen to Liz Sneyd, guest speaker.  Both were warmly welcomed by members and we hope to see them in the future.
From left: Fellow Rotary Porirua members Glynis Denz and Steve Haddock with David and Annie
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Breakfast with Louise Nicholas

In the week of International Women's Day it was a privilege to attend Zonta's annual breakfast and listen to guest speaker Louise Nicholas ONZM. 
Louise campaigns for the rights of women who have been victims of sexual violence. In 1993 she alleged that several policemen had raped her in 1984 and obstructed evidence in the subsequent trials for rape.
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Sol3 Mio "Absolutely Brilliant"

Image June Campbell-Tong
A massive thank you to June Campbell-Tong, Glynis Denz, David and Kerry Stewart for creating such an amazing occasion, an occasion that the people of Porirua just won't forget.  Here's to you all.
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RI Visit to District 9940

It's not often Rotary Districts of New Zealand will have the Rotary International (RI) President  come down under for a visit.  So when the opportunity comes, you have to grab the opportunity.  Such did some of our members who travelled to Palmerston North last week, where our current District 9940 Governor hosted the RI for lunch and dinner.
Image June Murugan
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Waitangirua Market Clean Up


Clean up at the Saturday morning Waitangirua Market for the month of February has commenced.  

Coordinator: David Patten

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Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 2018


District 9940 RYLA registrations now open!

We are seeking highly motivated 18 to 24 year olds who have already illustrated leadership potential.

RYLA is a five-day residential programme to develop lower North Island young leaders between the ages of 18 and 24. This programme provides an intensive leadership experience which recognises, encourages and educates current and future leaders.

In the Rotary District 9940, the spirit of RYLA is all about collaboration, and the RYLA Organising Committee are passionate people who cooperate to provide both a supportive environment and the resources necessary for young people to empower other young people.

 Originating in 1959 in Queensland, Australia, RYLA was officially adopted by Rotary International (RI) in 1971 to engage Rotary clubs and districts around the world to help the next generation of leaders expand their skills.

The RYLA programme demonstrates Rotary's commitment to developing future leaders.

Registrations close 30th September 2017.


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Diwali 2017

Mungavin Hall, Mungavin Avenue, Porirua East
Saturday, 14 October 2017, 11am to 4pm.
Join us in celebrating the cultural festival of food, colour, dance, music and lights.  Stalls include costume jewellery, hair and beauty makeover, you can get your hands decorated with henna which is an ancient Indian paint form popular during weddings and Diwali, sweet delicacies, Indian designer clothes and scarves, and delicious food. 
If anyone is keen to hold a stall for cultural clothing, jewellery, greeting cards, lights or want to participate in any traditional dance, sing your favourite traditional song or play an instrument, we’d love to hear from you.
Give us a ring at Rotary and tell us more about what you would like to do at the event.  
Stalls are $50 to book your space and the entry to the Diwali event is a gold coin donation. 
There will be raffles, dance and singing competitions too.
All proceeds are going towards fundraising for community projects that Porirua Rotary is involved in.
Come along with your friends and family, and enjoy this first of its kind in Porirua and help us support our communities thrive and make a difference.
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Rotary Planting Day - Bothamley Park

As part of Rotary International’s commitment to plant one tree for every Rotary member in the World,  Rotary Club of Porirua and the Rotary Club Plimmerton are planning a joint tree planting project in Porirua’s Bothamley Park.

Bothamley Park is between the suburbs of Ascot Park, Aotea, Waitangirua, Cannons Creek, Ranui, and the City Centre. It provides an excellent resource for the Porirua Community and is used for walking, biking, and collecting fresh fruits.

Invite your friends and family along to join us for a fun filled day of planting in Porirua’s green heart. We’d love to have your help!

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Rotary Porirua at the NZ Arts & Craft Show

Club members are passionate about taking Rotary to the communities. At the recent NZ Arts and Craft show held at Te Rauparaha, President Elect Paula Williams and Christine Burton with other members of the Team did a three day stint talking to visitors to the Show about Rotary and the various project initiatives in Porirua.  
It was also an opportunity to raise funds to support the Te Pahi bus project which is an initiative of the Porirua City Council. A quilt made by Mongolian women was the winning prize for the raffle fundraiser.
For more information about joining Rotary contact a Rotary member or the Club President Kathryn Beattie.
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